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One of the most awesome destinations

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The perfect getaway or day trip for anyone!⁣

Growing up so close to the Niagara region meant constant trips to NOTL (even as a kid)! It is such a quaint little area and we will forever want to retire there! There are so many fun and enjoyable things to do like visiting wineries, walking the beautiful strip, hiking along the river, visiting different farms, the list goes on and on! This guide covers:⁣

- Best wineries ?⁣
- Best restaurants ?⁣
- Best things to do in the area ??‍♂️⁣
- Best tours & biking tours ? ⁣
- Best places to shop local ?⁣

If any of my local friends know of any wineries I missed, send me a message! Hope you enjoy NOTL as much as we do! ⁣

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Perfect place to photoshoot

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open this season for roaming tours of their lavender fields

There are many lavender fields near Toronto but now you can add another one to the list.

Neob Lavender, growers of lavender who produce essential oil based beauty products, has a popular Niagara on the Lake retail location with its very own lavender farm.

Their farm is open this season for roaming tours of their lavender fields.

Finding pandemic-friendly trips and activities is an exciting but challenging task but this day trip is not only beautiful, fun, and close to Toronto but it also follows COVID-19 safety guidelines in terms of physical and social distancing.

"We are limiting the number of people in the field at any given time and using directional arrows to create a one-way flow through the field," says Robert Achal, co-founder of Neob Lavender.

A lavender field can transport you to a purple-paradise that smells amazing and is extremely photogenic but according to their website, the only way to see the fields this year is through self-guided roaming as there will be no official tours for the 2020 season.

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