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How to Prune Lavender

Do your lavender plants look like this? They can look beautiful all year round with some pruning. Even in the winter lavender plants can be a beautiful shrub. Aside from lavender liking all day sun and free draining soil, if there is one tip you can walk away with today it is prune, prune, prune.

Lavender is pretty low maintenance, but needs to be tended to 3 times a year. 

1. Spring time. Trim and brush any dead and dry branches.  
2. Mid to late July. As the flowers start to loose their colour or shrivel, use your hedge clippers and trim it into a bush like shape.  
3. Mid to late September. Get all the flowers off, giving it shape and getting it ready for winter. 

If you have a woody or straggly plant it is never too late to trim. Trim the plant in stages. Start with taking it down 1/3 of its size this year, and than again next year. 


- The quicker you get those flowers off, the better chance you have for a second flowering.
- Trim your bush 8” to 12” off the ground for a heathy plant.