“From the outside, the store may not look like much, but walking through the front door is like tumbling through the wardrobe into Narnia”

Melinda Cheevers

Managing Editor for @niagarathisweek


Melissa co-founder

"Take a moment and smell the next flower you see, you just might be surprised how inspirational flowers can be"

We invite you to.. .... Roam the lavender

Robert co-founder

"Intoxicated by the smell and invigorated by the beauty, one lavender plant inspired the creation of a whole new industry in Niagara."

Beautiful & Romanic

Roaming the lavender provides a unique bond that lasts forever. Create a truly unique moment

Family Run Business

Year Founded
800 T+
0 +

Roam the lavender Ticket

Booking your tickets in advance gives your priority entrance and VIP discounts at our Lavender Boutique

neob calendula flower

Book the field

We offer special dates for private booking. Mini parties, special days and photography sessions. Contact us for details
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Roam the Lavender

Book your ticket in advance for priority entrance or get your tickets onsite. The field is open in season 10-8pm

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Open All Seaons

Our retail locations are open all season, and our online store offers fast delivery and unique rewards.

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Farm Location

758 Niagara Stone Rd, Niagara on the Lake

neob Stratford

106 Ontario Street

neob Elora

54 Mill Street W

neob Bracebridge

54 Manitoba Street

Phone 1-877-320-neob